Share Buybacks and deferred consideration

How to structure a share buyback that is both affordable to the Company and allows favourable tax treatment for the seller. Why a share buyback? Share buybacks can be a great way for a company to return capital to its shareholders thereby increasing earnings per share. Alternatively and most usually they are a way of […]

Dividing assets in a short marriage

Short marriage example: Sharp v Sharp 2017 It has long been the case that the family courts divide assets on divorce by reference to the “yardstick of equality”; following the then land-mark case of White v White over 17 years ago. Many practitioners have taken this to mean an equal 50/50 split, although that is […]


PRACTICAL SUGGESTIONS/TOP TIPS FOR GDPR COMPLIANCE: With the deadline for GDPR compliance fast approaching, the beginning of 2018 marked for many businesses the start of a time-consuming process of dealing with their business’s data protection. There is plenty of information about, but much advice is convoluted and complex. Whilst we have been seeing PLC’s and […]

Contractual Implications for IT businesses of the GDPR

Why all IT businesses should be reviewing their contracts ahead of the May 2018 GDPR deadline. The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679) introduces a single framework of data protection compliance throughout the EU. The deadline for compliance is 25th May 2018. Almost all businesses will be affected by the GDPRs requirements in one […]

Construction: delay and disruption protocol

Such are the problems caused by delay and disruption within the construction industry, the Society of Construction Law has published its own delay and disruption protocol; an eighty four page document now in its second edition. Whilst most contractors will certainly not need to memorise the entire protocol, any business operating within the construction industry […]

Maintenance for life?

 A cautionary note for Financial Advisors I am presently involved with a challenging but very interesting case involving the variation of spousal maintenance following divorce. My case involves the variation of a joint lives order for periodical payments, made upon the parties’ divorce some 17 years ago or put more simply, an application by the […]

Paying for divorce

It is fair to say divorce (and relationship breakdown for unmarried couples) is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. My clients often tell me that what compounds stress levels is when essential legal advice seems unaffordable. Understandably, both parties want to preserve or secure what they each perceive to be their […]

Financial provision on divorce

The purpose of this article is to explain how the court distributes assets and income on divorce. There is no standard formula for calculating appropriate financial provision on divorce. Instead, the Court has a duty to consider all the circumstances of the case to take into account a range of specific statutory factors set out […]

Should Victims of Domestic Abuse be Cross Examined by Alleged Perpetrators?

Our Family Law Solicitor, Sara Anderson focuses on victims of domestic abuse in this article, and asks the question, should they be cross examined by alleged perpetrators? For a number of years there has been a debate about whether alleged perpetrators of domestic abuse should be allowed to cross examine their victims in the family […]

General Electric – Proposed Redundancies

Andrew Lester, Employment Law Director here at ORJ explains about the proposed redundancies at General Electric in Stafford, and how the process works in this scenario. General Electric announced in December 2017 that it will be slashing 1,100 jobs across its UK operations, mainly in Stafford and Rugby (with up to 500 jobs going at […]

‘Calm before the storm’ for divorce law firm

Sara Anderson, a Solicitor at Stafford-based divorce law firm provides some useful advice for couples who may not be looking forward to the Christmas holidays. Tick tock, tick tock! The big day is nearly upon us and many of us will be rushing round to get everything sorted before the 25th of December. It is […]