As construction solicitors we help clients make sense of construction law issues, including tendering, contracting, health & safety or getting paid.  ORJ Construction helps clients make sense of their construction law issues, whether they are related to tendering, contracting, health & safety or getting paid.

Care must always be taken to ensure that new projects and contracts receive the detailed planning, objective assessment and careful management needed to succeed.  Expenditure, cash flow and income must be tightly controlled.  Disputes, where possible, should be avoided, and when unavoidable, must be resolved quickly and efficiently.

ORJ’s construction law team understands the commercial realities of the sector and offers expertise and practical advice in all areas of construction law, including construction contracts, tendering, payments in construction, construction adjudication, legislation in construction, the LDEDCA (Construction Act) 2009 and the HGCRA (Construction Act) 1996.

We work very closely with fellow professionals, including specialist barristers, expert surveyors and engineers to help ensure that we can give you the right answer, every time.

Whatever the issue, our team of specialists will be able to help.

Construction Partner, Michael Smyth has more than 10 years’ specialist litigation experience.  He has completed and passed the RICS Diploma in Adjudication and is building an ever-expanding portfolio of work for a diverse range of construction clients.

Michael appears regularly in the Technology and Construction Court, as well as successfully resolving adjudications and arbitrations across a wide value range.

For any enquiries or more information, please send an email to or call 01785 223440.

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