ORJ advises Finning UK on bespoke contract re: White Hart Lane stadium

ORJ Solicitors LLP has been asked by the Finning UK to advise on a bespoke contract for the development and sale of demolition equipment for Tottenham Hotspur’s famous White Hart Lane stadium. Finning had to come up with a solution which combined the capability of heavy duty mobile plant together with a 70m extendable claw. […]

Can Construction Adjudication be a panacea for our ailing justice system?

In 2015, court issue fees in England and Wales were raised substantially; some by more than 600%.  The highest issue fee is now £10,000, which is applicable to all cases valued at £200,000 or more.  Coupled with earlier changes eliminating the recoverability of Conditional Fee Agreement (“CFA”), success fees and After the Event (“ATE”) insurance […]

Are tax schemes going to be the subject of the next misselling scandal?

We have all seen the difficulties suffered by celebrities exposed as having participated in aggressive tax schemes. We all stand amazed that people with so much money risk their reputation to avoid paying their due. In fact, the celebrity pages reveal just the tip of the iceberg.   Thousands upon thousands of respectable businesses and business […]

The low down on implementing Enterprise Management Incentive Schemes (EMIs) in your business

Enterprise Management Incentive (EMI) options are a type of discretionary share option scheme commonly used by smaller private trading companies to incentivise and retain key employees. EMI options are HMRC approved and provide excellent tax benefits for both employees and employers alike. Implementing Enterprise Management Incentive Schemes: qualifying criteria for the company EMI’s are subject […]

Tips on buying a business from an administrator or receiver

If you have been looking for opportunities to buy a business that compliments your existing business for some time, you might like to read through some of our tips on buying a business from an administrator or receiver. It could be that you have set your sights on a competitor business, maybe it is someone […]

Can I make a claim against my professional advisor?

In day to day life in business, and in private, the need arises to employ the services of a professional advisor, be it a surveyor, accountant, architect or, dare I say it, a solicitor. But what happens when it all goes wrong between you and your professional advisor, and you believe that there has been […]

8 Reasons Your Company Should Register Its Trademark

Reputation is everything. In an age of choice, where we buy products and services over the Internet from people we’ve never met, and businesses we’ve never visited, reputation builds trust and confidence. How much time and hard work has your company dedicated to building and protecting its reputation? It’s likely a lot, and you no […]

4 Copyright Assets That Your Company Owns And Can Protect

Are you protecting all of your company’s copyright assets? Copyright protection ensures you have protected your work and that no one else can use it without your permission.  Copyright vests in works of artistic craftsmanship and lasts until seventy years after the author’s death. Or in the case of typographical works of art, 25 years from the […]

15 IT Business Legal Mistakes That Will Damage Your Company

IT business law is an area of specialism that ORJ Solicitors can provide for.  Our commercial and litigation teams act for some of the country’s largest IT businesses’ as well as some of its most innovative firms.  This has enabled us to develop bespoke legal services for the IT sector.   Nevertheless we see examples of […]

Proposed Guidelines on Corporate Manslaughter Fines

New guidelines proposed by the Sentencing Council could result in fines of more than £20 million for organisations convicted of corporate manslaughter. The Sentencing Council for England and Wales (the independent body that produces the guidelines followed by judges and magistrates when passing sentence for health and safety offences, corporate manslaughter, food safety and hygiene […]