Father’s Day Child Arrangements

Did you have amicable child arrangements for Father’s Day? Father’s Day is often a wonderful celebratory time for many families. However, it can also be a painful reminder of difficult circumstances if you are unable to spend time with your children on this special day. It can be the small things that can make you feel […]

DISPUTES ABOUT CHILDREN: What happens following a separation when you are accused of being an unfit parent?

Head of Family Law and Solicitor at ORJ Solicitors, Pavneet Matharu, explains the process of clearing your name and re-establishing contact with your children. There is a common misconception that mothers are favoured as primary carers of children over fathers but, in fact, the Family Court presumes that both parents should be equally involved their […]

Pensions on Divorce

At ORJ we are routinely instructed to advise spouses on their pension rights upon divorce. The following sets out the basics for clients to be aware of.   Pension rights are important The law says that when a married couple divorce and divide their assets, pension rights must be taken into account.   What happens to a pension […]

The no fault divorce – does it exist?

It has been argued many a time in recent years by politicians, lawyers and relationship experts alike that the current laws relating to divorce in the UK simply do not reflect the reality that, for many divorcing couples in today’s society, neither the husband nor the wife are to ‘blame’ for the breakdown of the […]

Divorce and Separation: Who gets to keep the holiday home?

Until the 2007 credit crunch easy borrowing allowed many of us to purchase our dream holiday home in the sun. However for many this has now turned into a negative equity nightmare. Added into the mix of trying to achieve a financial settlement in a marriage breakdown it becomes a ticking bomb that no wants […]

Top Tips for Choosing A Family Solicitor

Dealing with family law issues can be very stressful which is why it is important to take great care when choosing a family solicitor. Even in the most amicable situations, emotions are often running high whilst a resolution is sought. The last thing you need is additional stress and worry.  But picking the wrong family solicitor, or wrong […]