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Paying for divorce

It is fair to say divorce (and relationship breakdown for unmarried couples) is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. My clients often tell me that what…Read More

Financial provision on divorce

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Should Victims of Domestic Abuse be Cross Examined by Alleged Perpetrators?

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Trust between spouses at the time of divorce

ORJ Family Law Solicitor David Smith outlines some of the typical financial issues arising from separation and divorce. Upon divorce, trust between spouses can fall to an all-time low. This…Read More

Pensions on Divorce

At ORJ we are routinely instructed to advise spouses on their pension rights upon divorce. The following sets out the basics for clients to be aware of.   Pension rights are…Read More

DISPUTES ABOUT CHILDREN: What happens following a separation when you are accused of being an unfit parent?

Head of Family Law and Solicitor at ORJ Solicitors, Pavneet Matharu, explains the process of clearing your name and re-establishing contact with your children. There is a common misconception that…Read More

ORJ Solicitors welcomes Mike Vale to the family law team.

Stafford based ORJ Solicitors has announced the appointment of Mike Vale who joins as a director of the company’s family law team. Mike, a former joint Head of the Family…Read More

How to protect your share in the family home during divorce

If your marriage has broken down or you are going through a divorce, you may be unsure what your rights are in relation to the family home. Like make many…Read More

What will happen to my inheritance if I divorce?

If you are going through a separation and/or divorce, you will no doubt have many questions and concerns about the extent to which your soon-to-be ex-spouse can claim against your…Read More

Living together: Your Rights, The Myth of the Common Law Marriage

Statistics indicate that most unmarried couples who are living together believe that they are in a ‘common law marriage’ and are completely unaware that their relationship does not give them…Read More