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ORJ help Apprentice Provider defeat the ESFA and recover £60,000 in costs

ORJ have assisted an Apprentice Provider to defeat the Education Skills Funding Agency (EFSA) The Apprentice Provider was sent invoices by ESFA for over £800,000, but it argued that the invoices were raised following inappropriate audits, including audits where the apprentice provider was not consulted. The provider also claimed that ESFA’s standard Levy and Non-Levy

Investing in excellence

To ensure we remain first-choice solicitors for hundreds of businesses and individuals, we have invested once again in our talented and expert team, with the acquisition of an industry-leading legal library and software package. The deal gives us the latest legal information and technological support to help the firm succeed for its clients. Announcing the

Covid-19 Update

In response to the uncertainties presented by Covid-19, all ORJ employees have been fully briefed, and we have taken the appropriate steps to mitigate any risks associated with Covid-19, following all Government guidance. The wellbeing of our clients and employees is our priority. At ORJ Law, we have various collaboration platforms to enable remote working

Early signs that the property market could soon return to some normality

With today’s announcement from Nationwide that they will now be extending the expiration dates of all mortgage offers, there are signs that the property market could soon return to some normality. Nationwide have announced that almost all mortgage offers will be applicable to apply for a 90-day extension. Should your mortgage offer be due to

Coronavirus – Contracted and Confused? How to uphold contractual obligations

The outbreak of coronavirus in the UK is predicted to have a profound impact on the way in which society functions for the foreseeable future. With its potential to have a debilitating effect on the UK workforce and the most recent government advice recommending that people to work from home where possible, many businesses will

What are the benefits of shared ownership?

Updated: 02/09/20 With even ‘affordable housing’ seemingly out of reach for many buyers, is shared ownership is the solution? There are thousands of people out there who desperately want a home to call their own. For many of them, the phrase ‘affordable housing’ has an ironic ring to it because, as hard as they try,

Professional negligence

In many situations we need to rely upon the advice of an expert, but what happens when you lose out because of an expert’s poor or careless advice? If you believe that you have suffered losses based upon bad professional advice you may have grounds to make a claim of professional negligence. Claims can be

Challenging a Will

If you believe that there is something wrong with a Will or that you have been unfairly denied an inheritance then you may have grounds to make a challenge. It is possible to challenge a Will itself or make a claim under Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975 if you believe you should