TCC (Technology and Construction Court)

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TCC (Technology and Construction Court)

No one chooses litigation and nobody wants to go to court, yet it cannot always be avoided.

During the last fifteen years, the Technology and Construction Court (TCC) has established itself as a leading forum of dispute resolution, particularly when dealing with highly complex and technical claims.

A court such as the TCC, which deals solely (except for limited exceptions) with technology and construction disputes, is something of a worldwide rarity, with only a handful of other jurisdictions boasting such a court.  There is no equivalent of the TCC throughout the rest of Europe or in the USA.

Since its inception, in its current guise in 1998, the work of the TCC has expanded greatly and it has often been at the forefront of innovation and the use of technology to assist the court process.

The considerable advantage of a specialist court with its own sitting judges is its expertise and understanding.  TCC judges are well versed in the principles and common practices of the construction, technology and engineering industries.  They understand expert submissions and complicated factual evidence, which enables technically detailed and difficult claims to be resolved correctly.  Access to this level of expertise enables the TCC to operate as an extremely useful tool for dispute resolution, reducing the risk of incurring high levels of expense and frustration.

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