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ORJ are specialist intellectual property solicitors in Staffordshire and can offer businesses expert advice in plain English in this field.

Who should read this page?

  • Anyone who feels they have a commercial idea or concept which has been copied or who has been accused of copying someone else’s idea or concept.
  • Anyone who runs a business: that is because your business has very valuable IP rights already. If you choose to, you can substantially enhance those rights where you believe it is commercially sensible to do so.
  • Anyone wishing to seek assistance through the patent application process.

We can offer you services in the protection of your IP, and handle cases of where there has been a breach of intellectual property rights including commercial disputes arising from exploitation of IP rights and trade mark disputes.  We can also help you to protect your copyrighted material which extends from written copy to material like databases, promotional material, manuals and brochures.  Design right protection is also an area where ORJ can advise and can help you to protect the IP in your designs for 25 years.

We will help you to understand, protect and exploit the intellectual property you already have and extend that protection where you need to.  Intellectual Property comprises a much more simple and powerful asset than many businesses realise.

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