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For something to have copyright protection it must be an original artistic work

Copyright is most definitely not restricted to illustrators, authors, musicians and/or composers. In business, copyright subsists in many day to day items and from time to time exploiting that copyright can give you a significant commercial advantage.

You will find copyright in:

  • Computer code
  • Letters
  • Databases
  • Websites
  • Photographs
  • Brochures
  • Manuals
  • Tenders

If your business buys original copyrighted material then, in the absence of contractual terms to the contrary, it will acquire copyright in what it has purchased.

Take care, therefore, to make sure that your company owns the copyright in any computer code written for you and/or on any website made on your behalf.

Take care also to protect your internal copyrighted material like databases, promotional material, manuals and brochures.

Protection of databases is simple, effective and costs nothing. For a confidential discussion on the protection of databases please call us on 01785 223440.

Copyright lasts for a long time, usually twenty-five years after the author’s death.

Bespoke computer code can be extremely valuable. The protection of databases is essential. Preventing people from using your intellectual property on their websites and/or in brochures can give significant commercial advantages. Preventing the misuse of copyright in your internal communications can, at times, be critical.

Enhancement of copyright material; copyright is complete from the moment the artistic work is created. There is nothing needed to be done to further enhance this right.

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