ORJ helps IT client defeat major copyright claim related to source code

ORJ Solicitors recently helped a Midlands based IT firm to defeat a major copyright claim.  The claim related to code allegedly written originally by a leading UK IT business.

The claimant issued proceedings in the High Court in London which prompted the defendant to approach ORJ for representation.  The claimant valued the code and the damage caused by its alleged misuse at £20 million.  The claimants source code copyright claim contended that it was a UK market leader in website optimisation.

The copyright infringement claim related to the alleged creation of original code used to optimise websites which the defendants had breached.  The defendants, who were represented by ORJ Solicitors, claimed that the codes were not original creations and that using them was, therefore, not prohibited under intellectual property or copyright laws.

In the course of the dispute, ORJ successfully obtained injunctions to restrain misuse by the claimants of the defendants’ private information.

The matter was resolved out of court, two weeks before trial.  The claim was defeated in its totality and a very substantial order made in favour of the defendant.


If you are in the IT sector, protection of intellectual property and claiming ownership of copyright to software and source code should not be overlooked.  For more information on how law firm ORJ could help your IT business fight copyright claims on your source code, email lorraine.smith@orj.co.uk or call 01785 223440 for an initial discussion.

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