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ORJ help Apprentice Provider defeat the ESFA and recover £60,000 in costs

ORJ have assisted an Apprentice Provider to defeat the Education Skills Funding Agency (EFSA) The Apprentice Provider was sent invoices by ESFA for over £800,000, but it argued that the invoices were raised following inappropriate audits, including audits where the apprentice provider was not consulted. The provider also claimed that ESFA’s standard Levy and Non-Levy […]

Has Your Energy Contract Been Mis-sold?

Mike Smyth lifts the lid on the latest mis-selling scandal We are all used to hearing about the PPI scandal.  Since 2013 there have been millions of successful claims made and around £40 billion repaid to the victims of mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance deals. Similarly, pension mis-selling first hit the headlines before the millennium, since […]

Seeking justice without risking everything

How we can help you unlock the legal system, by Mike Smyth Justice should be for all. But we all know that it doesn’t work that way sometimes. You may have a strong case in theory – but unless you have the means and the confidence to risk everything in a costly court case, you […]

Home discomforts – a cautionary tale about family business

Why keeping-it-in-the-family can have unwanted repercussions Family businesses are incredibly popular in the UK. With more than four million family-run enterprises in existence, they make up almost 90% of all private sector firms in the country. The appeal of forming a family business is easy to understand: you know and trust one another, and feel […]

Who gets what when companies go bump?

Patrick Tedstone of ORJ Law asks who gets paid when insolvency looms Global events since January 2020 have brought insolvency – or the threat of it – to thousands of companies and organisations throughout the UK. Many will have begun the year with significant cash on their balance sheets and may have been in the […]

Money to burn?

If you don’t want your precious profits to go up in smoke, you need an energy broker who finds the right deal for you – not for themselves.  Mike Smyth of ORJ investigates mis-selling of energy deals When you hire a broker to secure an energy deal that’s right for your business, you can then […]

Professional negligence

In many situations we need to rely upon the advice of an expert, but what happens when you lose out because of an expert’s poor or careless advice? If you believe that you have suffered losses based upon bad professional advice you may have grounds to make a claim of professional negligence. Claims can be […]

Challenging a Will

If you believe that there is something wrong with a Will or that you have been unfairly denied an inheritance then you may have grounds to make a challenge. It is possible to challenge a Will itself or make a claim under Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975 if you believe you should […]

Buying a home with an elderly parent

When good intentions turn into a costly dispute When a parent gets older and especially if their partner has died, families sometimes decide to pool their resources and buy a larger home for the whole family to live in. This type of arrangement can benefit everyone. For example, the son or daughter can look after […]

Contentious Probate

Losing a loved one is difficult enough, without becoming involved in a legal dispute over a Will or Estate. Unfortunately though, there are times when issues arise and it is important to get good advice as early as possible. At ORJ we have specialist solicitors who are experienced in helping either beneficiaries or executors through […]