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Why divorce in later life can come with added challenges

ORJ’s Jackie Meredith, a leading expert in family law with years of experience, looks at the challenges that can arise when older people get divorced. So-called grey divorce is on the rise – and settlements can be even more complicated than for younger people. According to the Office for National Statistics, the 2021 divorce rate […]

Expert warns of increased domestic violence during Euros

Millions of people across the country are eagerly anticipating the start of Euro 2024 – but a legal expert at ORJ has warned that major football tournaments also lead to a spike in domestic violence. The tournament kicks off in Germany on Friday with England starting their campaign against Serbia two days later. But while […]

The financial dangers for unmarried couples

Unmarried couples should take stock and seek legal advice before moving in with a partner or purchasing a property together, writes Jackie Meredith, our Head of Family Department. It is a complete myth that cohabiting couples have the same legal rights as married partners – and this can cause enormous financial heartache if separation occurs. […]

Separating couples warned about the pitfalls of delaying divorce

Our Head of Family Law has warned separating couples against joining the hundreds of thousands of people deciding to delay their divorce because of financial worries. Research by Legal & General Retail found that more than 270,000 people (19%) have delayed their divorce due to cost-of-living pressures since 2020. But ORJ’s leading expert in family […]

Lawyer Issues DIY Divorce Warning

Separating couples who try to save money by using the Government DIY services to divorce could face significant financial problems in the future, a leading family law specialist at ORJ has warned. Jackie Meredith, our Head of Family Department, has welcomed the introduction of the online divorce tool and no-fault divorce procedure – but she […]

Armed Forces Pensions in Finances

If you are currently going through a divorce due to the irretrievable breakdown of your marriage and serve (or have previously served) in the armed forces, you may be concerned about what will happen to your military pension and financial future. Armed Forces Pension Scheme (AFPS) pensions are one of the most complex and convoluted […]

I am getting divorced/seeking dissolution, can I ignore finances?

What is a Financial Remedy Order and Why is it important The short answer: no Going through a divorce/dissolution can be difficult but if you are going through this process, it is crucial that you do not overlook dealing with your matrimonial finances. Even after divorce/dissolution, if you were to win the lottery, inherit or […]

Court Proceedings

The courts will always want to see evidence that you have tried mediation first, and made your best efforts to resolve matters in the interests of your children. Read more about mediation here If an agreement, which is not in the child(ren)’s best interests, is not forthcoming then application to the Court may be necessary. […]

How can mediation help in resolving child arrangements?

Mediation can be the key to resolving a dispute when discussions between yourselves has failed. Mediation allows parents/legal guardians a platform to discuss and negotiate future arrangements for child(ren) with the assistance of a trained, neutral third party. A mediator will try to help both parties reach their own agreements amicably and can further assist […]

What Rights Do I Have As A Grandparent?

Getting Permission From The Court Many Grandparents have to suffer a lack of or no relationship with their grandchildren owning to family difficulties or other wider circumstances. If you are experiencing difficulties in having contact with your grandchild(ren) or are being prevented from having a relationship with them, you are not alone. At ORJ, we […]