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Health and safety realities in the post-Covid world

An overview of the corporate H&S scenario, by Lesley White The cost of a health and safety breach can easily run to hundreds of thousands of pounds. With the excess on a company’s liability insurance being so prohibitive – typically in the millions for larger companies– many businesses are now effectively self-insured and will bear […]

Navigating the health and safety minefield post-Covid 19

Lesley White, head of ORJ Solicitors’ Health and Safety Department, assesses sentencing guidelines for those breaching H&S regulations As whole swathes of the UK economy emerge from lockdown and attempt to return to some sort of normality, thousands of employers are facing a fresh dilemma: they desperately need to get back to business post-Covid 19, […]

Corporate Manslaughter – an overview

What is corporate manslaughter? The term made frequent news headlines in 2019 and may have left many responsible businesses and organisations keen to gain a better understanding of their obligations. If your business is looking to both reduce reputational risk and protect employee welfare, ORJ Solicitor’s insurance litigation department is here to help. Leading the […]

Do you have responsibility for safety?

Be in no doubt that health and safety failures amount to serious criminal offences for which managers and directors can be held personally liable More and more directors and managers are being convicted of safety offences because they are judged not just upon what they knew but also upon what they ought to have known. […]