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Flood Risk in Telford, Shrewsbury and Shropshire

When purchasing a property in Telford, Shrewsbury or Shropshire you may want to consider whether that property is within a flood risk area, particularly those that may be in close proximity to the River Severn. Our expert conveyancing team carry out an Environmental Search as part of their standard searches against a property in Telford, […]

Buying a new build house in Telford

Buying a house is always an exciting stage of many people’s lives especially when it is a new-build property since you can personalise it to your taste and style. Depending on the builder, you may have the option of different flooring, tiling and bathroom fittings. As a young family, it also helps alleviate stress as […]

Bridging Loans

What you need to know. Bridging loans, also known as bridge financing or gap financing, are short-term loans that are usually used to bridge the gap between the purchase of a new property and the sale of an existing property. These types of loans are often used by real estate investors, developers, and homeowners who […]

Estate Rentcharge Issues With New Properties

New properties are often subject to an estate rentcharge. However, if a buyer is not careful, they could find themselves subject to a rentcharge that puts them and their lenders at risk. In addition, rent charge can cause significant delays when a homeowner comes to sell their property. What is an Estate Rentcharge? An estate […]

Seeking justice without risking everything

How we can help you unlock the legal system, by Mike Smyth Justice should be for all. But we all know that it doesn’t work that way sometimes. You may have a strong case in theory – but unless you have the means and the confidence to risk everything in a costly court case, you […]

Early signs that the property market could soon return to some normality

With today’s announcement from Nationwide that they will now be extending the expiration dates of all mortgage offers, there are signs that the property market could soon return to some normality. Nationwide have announced that almost all mortgage offers will be applicable to apply for a 90-day extension. Should your mortgage offer be due to […]

Changes to Help to Buy: Equity Loan 2021

The Government has confirmed that the current Help to Buy: Equity Loan Scheme will be available to First Time Buyers and homeowners until March 2021.  Help to buy changes: Am I still eligible? Using the Help to Buy scheme, you can borrow up to 20% of your newly built home so that you will only […]

What are the benefits of shared ownership?

Updated: 02/09/20 With even ‘affordable housing’ seemingly out of reach for many buyers, is shared ownership is the solution? There are thousands of people out there who desperately want a home to call their own. For many of them, the phrase ‘affordable housing’ has an ironic ring to it because, as hard as they try, […]

Purchasing a Leasehold house: Is it worth it?

A Leasehold property means that you have the right to occupy the property for the number of years attached to the lease. Once the lease comes to an end, the ownership of the property is returned to the landlord. This contrasts to purchasing a freehold property, where you own the land and the property outright. […]

Real Estate Litigation

Compulsory Purchase Affected by a compulsory purchase order? Having trouble agreeing the level of compensation with the Local Authority? In need of guidance through the minefield that is compulsory purchase? Then read on. If you find yourself subject to a CPO by an acquiring authority then you are generally entitled to compensation. We will guide […]