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Selling a Property

We aim to make the process of selling a property run as smoothly as possible.  Here we outline what to expect once you have agreed to sell your property to a third party.

The conveyancing process for selling a property

Once you have found a buyer for your property and agreed to a price, you need to let your estate agents know that ORJ Law are the appointed solicitors for your conveyancing.

The estate agents will then issue a memorandum of sale to all parties so that we all know who is involved. They will also provide us with a copy of the EPC for the property and certified copies of your identity documents to satisfy anti-money laundering requirements.

At the same time, we will write to you with our initial pack which has some forms for you to complete, if you require any assistance completing these please contact us as we are here to help.

When we have received your completed forms, identity documentation and initial payment, we will submit the contract papers to your buyer’s solicitors. We then have to wait for them to contact us with any questions they have about the property, but if it takes them too long we’ll give them a chase.

The buyer’s solicitors may request further information about the property (known as enquiries) and we will discuss these with you.

Once everything has been dealt with to the satisfaction of the buyer and they are also in receipt of their search results, survey and mortgage offer we will start to agree to a completion date.

When a date has been agreed between all parties we will exchange contracts which makes the completion date legally binding.

On the day of completion, we will receive the purchase money, pay off your mortgage and send any balance to you or, if you are in a chain, to your seller’s solicitors on your related purchase. You will move out of the property and hand over the keys to your buyer, usually via the estate agents.

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For any enquiries or more information, please send an email to conveyancing@orj.co.uk or call 01785 223440.