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Financial Remedy Orders are, indisputably, the most important part of your divorce or dissolution. Irrespective of the value of the assets held, it is crucial that you do not overlook dealing with your matrimonial/ civil partnership finances.

Unless you have a Financial Remedy Order sealed by the Court irrespective of the time which has passed since your final order concluding divorce or dissolution proceedings then you will remain at risk/open to a financial claim from the other party to include claims against your pension.  Imagine for example if you were to win the lottery, inherit or gain in anyway financially after your divorce has been finalised and your (ex) spouse or civil partner is still potentially able to make a claim.

You should also be aware that even in the event one party post divorce / dissolution passes away where there has been no Financial Remedy Order sealed by the Court, the surviving spouse/civil partner remains eligible to bring an inheritance claim for example against your estate provided they themselves have not remarried or formed a civil partnership.

At ORJ our specialist family team strongly advise each client to obtain a Financial Remedy Order, which will sever you financially from your spouse or civil partner preventing any further claims in the future but moreover, ensures you are appropriately provided for from the assets of the marriage/civil partnership.

Whilst this may be an overwhelming task, ORJ want to ensure you can move forward with peace of mind following your divorce/dissolution.

The Family Team at ORJ offer pragmatic, tailored and professional advice on all aspects of family matters. We will discuss with you the varying options which exist to reach an agreed Financial Remedy Order (also known as a Consent Order) where possible or if necessary, discuss the benefit of Court Proceedings with you.

Should you want to discuss your financial position upon divorce, dissolution or separation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In the alternative, you can read more about Financial Remedy Orders here.

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