Divorce and Civil Partnership Dissolution

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Going through a divorce can be of the most stressful experiences and it is important to obtain expert legal advice at the outset of divorce proceedings. Every divorce case is different and our team of highly experienced Family Solicitors take great care to understand your circumstances, no matter how complex, to ensure that you are delivered a service based on your specific needs and the approach that you want to take.

Your Solicitor will guide your through the divorce process, whether you are the party initiating or responding to divorce proceedings, and advise you in related financial, property, business and children matters.

To commence divorce proceedings, you will need to have been married for more than one year and demonstrates that the marriage has broken down irretrievably (i.e. beyond repair) by relying on one of the following five facts:-

  • Unreasonable behaviour
  • Adultery (does not apply to dissolution of civil partnerships)
  • Separation of two or more years (and you both agree to the divorce)
  • Separation of five or more years
  • Desertion for at least two years

We can commence or respond to divorce proceedings on your behalf. We can progress divorce proceedings, even if you do not know where your spouse currently resides or in circumstances where your spouse refuses to respond to divorce proceedings, seeks to defend them or files their own divorce petition.

It is important that, whilst divorce proceedings are pending, related financial and property matters are also properly resolved.

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