Construction Related Articles

Correcting Mistakes in a Payment Certificate

What happens where an obvious error is made in the completion of a Payment Certificate? Should the certificate itself be retrospectively corrected or should the error simply be rectified within…Read More

Facing construction adjudication?

Facing construction adjudication? Choosing the right advisor can be the key to success Disputes over construction projects remain all too common and increased to an all-time high average value in…Read More

What you need to know about liquidated and ascertained damages (LADs)

Quantum of Solace Liquidated and ascertained damages (LADs or LDs) are a predetermined measure of damage agreed between parties to a construction contract before the contract is finalised. LADs are…Read More

Responding to an Adjudication Referral

Going second shouldn’t mean coming second. The adjudication process is open for the parties to a Construction Contract to utilise ‘at any time’ and cannot be contracted out of. Timetables…Read More

Construction: delay and disruption protocol

Such are the problems caused by delay and disruption within the construction industry, the Society of Construction Law has published its own delay and disruption protocol; an eighty four page…Read More

HSE Investigations and Interviews under Caution

Whenever serious incidents do occur (whether or not they are subsequently subject to HSE investigation) companies must seek to ensure that their policies and systems are designed to quickly and…Read More

Party Wall Act Injunction

Are you faced with a Party Wall Act Injunction? Are you contemplating applying for one? There are a number of important facts that should be considered very carefully before you do anything…Read More

Can Construction Adjudication be a panacea for our ailing justice system?

In 2015, court issue fees in England and Wales were raised substantially; some by more than 600%.  The highest issue fee is now £10,000, which is applicable to all cases…Read More

Proposed Guidelines on Corporate Manslaughter Fines

New guidelines proposed by the Sentencing Council could result in fines of more than £20 million for organisations convicted of corporate manslaughter. The Sentencing Council for England and Wales (the…Read More

Construction Disputes – A Contractors Tale: Defeated Before You Set-off?

Prolonged construction disputes, particularly those involving more than two parties, can have a devastating effect on both profits and cash flow. Using set-off on construction claims, as a means to…Read More