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Mineral Rights: New Build Developments

Mineral rights are defined under Section 132 of the Land Registration Act 2002 as any seam of minerals or substances in or under any land, and the rights to work…Read More

Online Estate Agents followed by Robotic Auctioneer

On 12th December 2018 the Law Gazette released an article labelled ‘Robot auctioneer sells first UK property in binding transaction’ showing how a property in Britain was the first to…Read More

A guide to environmental searches when buying a property

The environmental search is a search carried out with an environmental agency (not the Environmental Agency) that gives details of the past uses of the land and the land in…Read More

New rules under the Mortgage Credit Directive 2016

New rules under the Mortgage Credit Directive (MCD) apply with effect from 21st March 2016. The rules introduce the requirement to give customers a minimum 7 day period of reflection…Read More

Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations related to Property Sales

The Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations are intended to prohibit trading practices which are unfair to consumers. This includes “immoveable property” and the Regulations therefore cover property sales. When…Read More

Changes to Stamp Duty Land Tax 2016

If you are considering purchasing an additional property which is not going to be your main residence, it is important that you are aware of the new Stamp Duty Land…Read More

A guide to The Party Wall Act

Do you own a building? Yes Do you know what the Party Wall Act is? No If you or your neighbours plan to undertake future building works (including repairs), please…Read More

When it comes to insuring against flooding, you don't need to be by a river or the sea

As the winter starts to close in on us, bringing storms and lots of heavy rain with it, we can think back to the flooding crisis in the UK last year.…Read More

Coal mining searches – Are they really necessary?

If you have found that dream home to purchase, your main concern may simply be when the moving date will arrive. It must be stressed however that even if a…Read More

Purchasing a repossessed property – time is of the essence

Here at ORJ Solicitors, we often deal with the purchase of repossessed properties. While buying a repossessed property can often mean a saving of up to 30% of a property’s…Read More