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Professional negligence

In many situations we need to rely upon the advice of an expert, but what happens when you lose out because of an expert’s poor or careless advice? If you…Read More

Challenging a Will

If you believe that there is something wrong with a Will or that you have been unfairly denied an inheritance then you may have grounds to make a challenge. It…Read More

Buying a home with an elderly parent

When good intentions turn into a costly dispute When a parent gets older and especially if their partner has died, families sometimes decide to pool their resources and buy a…Read More

Contentious Probate

Losing a loved one is difficult enough, without becoming involved in a legal dispute over a Will or Estate. Unfortunately though, there are times when issues arise and it is…Read More

Fun in the Sun?

As the long school summer holidays approach, for many separated families, extra contact with a former spouse/partner to make arrangements for children is unavoidable. For some without Court Orders setting…Read More

The End of the Blame Game?

Divorcing, at present, involves proving to the Court that a marriage has ‘irretrievably broken down’ and if a couple have not been separated for a period of 2 years or…Read More

Theresa May bids to end civil partnership inequality

The last big family law news was Theresa May’s announcement at the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham earlier this month that every couple in England and Wales will be able…Read More

OWENS -V- OWENS: Where do we go from here?

The family law community was in a state of suspense today as the Supreme Court handed down its highly anticipated judgement in the case of Owens -v- Owens. The case…Read More

Husband wins his appeal against an order to pay his former wife’s housing costs

Mills v Mills 2018 – In the Supreme Court Husband wins his appeal against an order to pay his former wife’s housing costs I recently wrote a short article titled…Read More

Will I lose my rights in connection with the family home if I move out?

As family lawyers, we are frequently approached by clients who are panicked and distressed about their living arrangements and rights in connection with the family home, following separation. This article…Read More