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Selling your business? No one understands the process better than ORJ

Thinking of selling your business? Over the last 20 years ORJ’s specialist team has helped our clients sell hundreds of businesses. We estimate we have acted on sale transactions worth in excess of £600 million pounds.

Every good business person knows that to make things run smoothly you need great people and good processes. By selecting ORJ to advise on the sale of your business, you can take advantage of our proven sales process and deal with people who really understand how to achieve the best possible outcome.

We have identified the key factors that cause sales to abort or that cause sale agreements to become disputed and our processes are designed specifically to reduce those risks. Similarly we have a range of strategies and processes to make your business more attractive to a prospective purchaser including:

1. Incentivising management using EMI’s

2. Protecting your customers from staff who are leaving the business

3. Protecting your confidential data

4. Recognising and enhancing the value of your intellectual property

And now we have taken our services one stage further. If you are thinking of selling your business we will arrange for a market-leading corporate finance expert to value your business absolutely free. To take all the uncertainty out of selling your business, contact Corporate Finance Partner Lorraine Smith on 01785 223440 lorraine.smith@orj.co.uk