The End of the Blame Game?

Image of Deborah Turner head of Family and Childcare

By Deborah Turner

Divorcing, at present, involves proving to the Court that a marriage has ‘irretrievably broken down’ and if a couple have not been separated for a period of 2 years or more, that breakdown must be evidenced by either one party admitting adultery or one party listing various examples of the other’s ‘unreasonable behaviour’.

For many couples, the reality is that they have ‘simply grown apart’ and at what is a potentially painful and unhappy time, neither really wants to inflame matters further by blaming the other.

After many years of campaigning by various groups, such as Resolution, an organisation committed to resolving family issues in as non-confrontational way as possible, of which our Deborah Turner is the current Chair for Staffordshire, the Divorce Dissolution and Separation Bill is now making its way through Parliament.

Whilst not yet on the statute books, the government does propose removing the requirement to provide evidence of facts such as adultery or unreasonable behaviour and replacing them with a statement of irretrievable breakdown and removing the ability to defend proceedings, also. It is hoped, therefore that at such an emotive time as the end of a marriage, some of the potential conflict and bitterness compounded by the current system will be eradicated.

We shall continue to update as the Bill progresses.