Mike Vale – Director – Family Law

Mike Vale is regarded as one of the Midland’s leading family lawyers. He spent a significant part of his career at Irwin Mitchell, where he was joint head of the Family Law team. It was here that Mike furthered his credentials as an expert in Family Law.


He has a caring and compassionate character. These qualities are complemented with considerable expertise and powerful intellect to assist clients from every walk of life; you will just as easily find Mike in the High Court
or in ORJ’s Saturday morning surgery.


He accepts instructions in all areas of Family Law, including financial disputes, cohabitation disputes, Children Act cases, prenuptial agreements and living together agreements. He is a specialist in dealing with pensions on divorce.


Mike’s advice is sought by people from all walks of life and backgrounds. During his career he’s advised solicitors, barristers, district judges, chartered accountants, business men and women, professional footballers, politicians, published authors and even the occasional ‘rock star.’


Unsurprisingly he has represented clients in a number of prominent and reported cases such as H v C (volume number 2 the family law reports 2009) and SK v WL (Volume 1 the Family law reports 2011). The first case was a leading case on child maintenance which established the principle where the Child Support Agency had made a maximum maintenance assessment; the court had the power to backdate the maintenance by a significant period. The latter case was a leading case on financial issues where the matrimonial assets ran into many millions of pounds.


Mike is frequently recommended to clients by other professionals, including accountants, IFA’s, members of the Bar and occasionally by members of the Professional Footballers Association.


Mike can be contacted at ORJ Solicitors LLP. Tel: 01785 223440; Direct line:01785 275368.