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Company and Commercial

Let’s cut to the chase. With Corporate and Commercial Law, you need your Company’s business documents drawn up accurately to limit your risk, maximise your rights and reflect what you have agreed. If, like most people in business, that is what you want, we can help.

We believe that an agreement, once drafted, should be capable of being understood in its entirety without the need for anyone to take further advice.

By adopting that straightforward approach we have been instructed to complete major transactions for businesses all over the world.

If everyone understands a document, then it is less likely to be transgressed. Further, parties who detect that a common sense approach is being adopted in registration, will address more of the key issues and agree them sooner.

If agreements are understood then they are of real value.

Corporate and Commercial Law at-a-glance

Corporate and commercial law services at ORJ covers a broad range of  commercially focussed activities.  Corporate work usually refers to the ownership and organisation of a business, and commercial law work generally refers to work done to support the business of the client.

Commercial Law

  • Terms and conditions.
  • Bespoke contract agreements.
  • Shareholder agreements.
  • Partnership agreements.
  • Joint venture agreements.

Corporate Law

  • Articles of association.
  • Business mergers.
  • Business sales.
  • Business disposals.
  • Business acquisitions.
  • Business restructuring.

For further information, please email company@orj.co.uk or call 01785 223440.