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How our leading divorce solicitors can help

Divorce is often an emotionally charged and difficult period. Our expert divorce solicitors in Birmingham, Telford, Shrewsbury, Stafford and the surrounding areas can help guide you through the process, whatever your circumstances.

ORJ’s highly experienced team of family law solicitors understand that every case is different. We take great care to understand your circumstances, no matter how complex, to ensure a tailored service is delivered.

Whether you are initiating the divorce proceedings or responding, our specialist family law solicitors can advise on all key aspects of the divorce in a sensitive and strategic manner, focussing on any children involved and financial agreements.

We are a solutions-driven law firm that will take the time to build relationships to help decide the course of action. Where possible, we will always promote an amicable route forward which, in the right circumstances, could include mediation or even sharing the same lawyer between both parties.

Divorce has changed significantly in recent years with the introduction of no-fault divorce. This law reform, introduced in 2022, means couples no longer need to assign blame for the end of a marriage or civil partnership. There is only one ground for divorce which must be proven: that the relationship has broken down irretrievably. This is a major step forward and has helped ease tensions in many cases.

When starting the divorce process, you are likely to feel sad, angry, confused and maybe a bit lost. At ORJ we have some of the most respected family lawyers in the region. Put your trust in us to help you start your next chapter.

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