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How our experienced divorce solicitors at ORJ can help

When it comes to the unfortunate break down of a marriage, every case is different. Our highly experienced family team take great care to understand your circumstances, no matter how complex, to ensure a tailored service can be provided.

Divorce is an emotionally charged and difficult process, so why not let our team of divorce experts take care of the legalities.

Our specialist solicitors in Stafford, Telford, Birmingham and surrounding areas have a wealth of expertise in dealing with divorce, matrimonial finances and related family matters.

Our divorce specialists will guide you through the process, whether you are the party initiating or responding to divorce proceedings and are able to advise on wider issues which may also be relevant to you.

You may be aware that the law around divorce has recently changed! Read more here.

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For further information, please e-mail us or call 01785 223440