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Information Technology (IT law) and legal services is an area in which we are passionate about providing legal advice.

The sector is ever changing due to the nature of the market, where technology advances almost daily. For an owner of an IT business, staying at the cutting edge of your sector and offering ever more sophisticated services to a demanding client base is part and parcel of your work. Our aim is to help you in your mission and work with you in areas that are often overlooked – to protect your assets and lock in value that you have spent time and energy developing.

Protect Your IT Business

ORJ IT already work with a number of leading IT companies as a trusted adviser. We get great satisfaction from watching those companies that engage with us thrive. Our aim is to remove any doubts and fears our clients may have, leaving them to focus on doing what they are good at. After successfully litigating in a number of IT claims and intellectual property (IP) claims we have seen, at first hand, the devastating effect that not using enforceable terms and conditions, or not limiting liability effectively, can have on a business. Whether you are a niche software development company or a large PLC reselling both hardware and software, talking to ORJ IT can protect your business.

Peace of mind to grow your business

Our goal is to give you the peace of mind and reassurance that whilst you develop your business, acquire new customers, engage key staff or third party consultants and advance your technology, ORJ IT will put in place an ordered and comprehensive set of legal checks and balances that lock in value, protect your assets and minimise your risk.

Increase the value of your business

ORJ IT can work with you to limit the risk of legal claims, protect your business relationships with key customers and employees and secure the intrinsic value of your IP. Putting in place these foundations reduces your exposure to risk, increases the value of your business and makes you more attractive to potential acquiring parties.

Knowing the legal risks in the IT sector

You will already know some of the risks that face your business. It is up to you to make the choice to reduce these risks. If you are concerned about any of the following, ORJ IT can help.

  • Claims about poor service delivery.
  • Loss of key staff.
  • Loss of key accounts.
  • Fundamental changes in technology.
  • Protecting your own intellectual property rights (IPR).
  • Infringement of third party IPR.

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