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Child Arrangements

Child Arrangements

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Family law solicitors that put children first

Whatever the circumstances surrounding a divorce or separation, the overriding priority must be the children.

In many divorce cases, parental disputes can be resolved amicably and without the need for wider intervention. However, in some circumstances, parents or legal guardians require additional support to resolve disputes – and ORJ’s team of expert family solicitors in Birmingham, Telford, Shrewsbury, Stafford are ready to help.

Our experienced team can advise, guide and assist you with disputes covering all aspects of the child’s life.

A Child Arrangements Order – formerly known as child custody – decides where the child lives, when the child spends time with each parent and what types of contact take place.

This is a complex and emotive subject for everyone involved. Our experienced team will approach the situation sensitively to resolve all issues quickly and efficiently, always ensuring the child’s best interests are paramount.

We can also offer advice and guidance in blended families, where domestic violence has been present and when international relocation is sought. 

Numerous studies show children are better off when they have regular contact with both parents. That will nearly always be our starting point – and we are extremely proud to have played a part in achieving amicable, long-lasting solutions in countless cases.

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