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Sensitive and professional advice to help you make the right decisions concerning your children

Unfortunately, parental disputes are commonplace in family life. In some cases, these are resolved amicably and without need for wider intervention. However, in many circumstances parents/legal guardians require additional support in resolving these disputes. With specialist solicitors in Stafford, Telford, Birmingham and surrounding arears ORJ are here to help.

Our Family Law Solicitors at ORJ are able to advise, guide and assist you with disputes ranging from a child’s name, what school they should attend, where and with whom they should live to the level of contact they should have with a non-resident parent.

Where appropriate, ORJ can assist in referrals to mediation, negotiate with the other party concerned or advise and represent you in Court.

Read more on mediation here and Court Proceedings here.

We understand that this can be a stressful and difficult time. At ORJ our team of specialist family solicitors ensure the needs, wishes and feelings of the child(ren) remain at the centre of any case whilst providing sensitive and practical legal advice to you.

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