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Litigation And Dispute Resolution

Let’s talk it through. That’s always our starting point to get to the heart of a particular problem.

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ORJ Law is recognised as a leading law firm for commercial litigation and dispute resolution

We are extremely effective at predicting the likely outcome of a dispute.

Let’s consider what some of the issues might be. Sometimes the facts pertaining to a dispute may not be crystal clear and surrounded by lots of ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’. There may be scope to avoid the dispute. Equally it might be time to terminate that contract. Your next letter could be the key to winning or losing a commercial dispute. Before you do anything, let’s talk it through on a no obligation, confidential basis; we believe we will be able to impart invaluable advice and guidance even in the first phone call.

Successful resolution of your dispute depends upon maximising your advantages and your opponent’s weaknesses. We work routinely for large corporate businesses, PLCs and SMEs in extremely diverse industry sectors.

Sometimes we look after the small guys who have just causes, but are struggling to make any headway. Funding is often a problem, but we can always help to get the necessary resources in place.

Our expertise is broad and covers national and international matters.

We routinely advise upon:

  • Shareholder disputes.
  • Professional negligence including solicitors, accountants and surveyors.
  • Commercial contracts.
  • Manufacturing and sale of goods cases.
  • Director’s duties.
  • Restrictive covenants.
  • Banking disputes.
  • Disputes requiring bespoke finance, defendant insurance and funding solutions.

We can advise clients on whether they have a valid claim, or whether to settle or fight a claim made against them.  We can carry out correspondence to avoid litigation and alternative dispute resolution proceedings taking place in court, or we can prepare a case strategy to support clients.

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