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Construction Dispute Resolution

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Construction dispute…. any disagreement between contracting parties.

There is no requirement for a dispute to end in a formal legal process, such as adjudication, arbitration or a high court claim.  At ORJ, we recognise the need to bring disputes to a swift and, where possible, amicable resolution.

Disputes are an unfortunate reality of commercial life and can quickly become very expensive and time consuming if they are not dealt with pragmatically and effectively.

We understand that early, strategic intervention can allow disputes to be resolved; without them becoming a catalyst for substantial profit reductions or negative cashflow.

ORJ can help with any construction dispute and we specialise in light touch interventions that recognise the commercial realities of ongoing relationships, budgetary constraints and unequal negotiating positions.

Our Construction Law team works very closely with fellow professionals, including specialist barristers, expert surveyors and engineers to help ensure that we can give you the right answer, each and every time.

Whatever the issue, ORJ will be able to help.

Expert Construction Lawyer, Michael Smyth has more than 10 years’ specialist construction law experience.  He has completed and passed the RICS Diploma in Adjudication and has built an ever-expanding portfolio of work for a diverse range of construction clients.

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