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Our dynamic team places high importance to the following priorities…

Timing. On either a sale or purchase the most likely reason that your deal could fall through is delay. Traditional commercial property solicitors are slow. We are not.

Tax. On any purchase and on some sales within a group careful thought needs to be given as to tax particularly as to the vehicle for any purchase, or the accounting treatment of a sale. We will liaise with your accountant on these important issues and bring our experience to the table.

Title. This could be the home of your business or your investment. We will make sure the title is clean or that you have the clearest warnings as to any pit falls.

Commercial Property Lease?

Care is required with all leases. Further there are many aspect of leases that will require to be revisited.  Trust us to deal with the essential aspect of any lease and any matter arising under a lease such as

  • Licensed alterations
  • Assignments and licences to assign.
  • The grant of a sublease or an underlease
  • Rent reviews
  • Break notices
  • Dilapidations


ORJ has the strongest experience associated with Agriculture anywhere in the Midlands. We have helped protect the financial and legal interests of hundreds of farms and faring families. To understand farms, it helps if you have worked on one and that you are close to the farming industry. Our lawyers have that quality  We specialise in:

  • the purchase and sale of Farms,
  • creation of new leases and farm business tenancies
  • Sales of farming land to developers.
  • sporting and mineral rights
  • farming and family shareholder agreements
  • re financing of the family farm
  • Animal leasing agreements
  • grazing agreements

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