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Buying a house in Telford is always a stressful experience and we at ORJ are happy to work with our clients to make it a smooth process, including walking through any queries, discussing the available options at each stage of the process and providing a tailored service to suit to our client’s needs.

Our expert property solicitors in Telford, being local residents, are best placed to provide bespoke advice to our clients as they understand the specifics issued and risks involved in buying a house in Telford and the wider Shropshire region, whether it be for a family home or investment portfolio. 

Primarily the issues you might face when buyer a house in Telford are:

  1. Coal and mining
  2. Ground stability
  3. Risk of flooding

Certain areas in Telford such as Rock, Dawley Bank and Hollinswood have coal and mining issue where the land was previously used for coal and mining purposes. If you are purchasing a house in Telford in any of these areas, then we would recommend that you carry out a ground report search which provides comprehensive information regarding the extent of mining, the history and the impact on the area. It also provides information as to whether there are any existing seams at the property which would assist lenders in deciding whether they are able to proceed with a mortgage on the property. This is a cost-effective measure before you are legally bound to buy the house at exchange of contracts and incur further costs in the future arising from the presence of previous coal and mining in the area. 

Furthermore, we understand that areas such as Randlay and Broseley in Telford experience ground stability issues. The ground stability may not be such an adverse risk to the property depending on the exact location and build of the house but our expert solicitors are able to advise you on your particular property purchase.  

When you are buying a house in Telford and the Shropshire area you may be concerned whether the property is in a contaminated land area. You can contact the council to obtain clarification. You can find further information regarding contaminated land areas in Telford using the link: Introduction – Contaminated land – Telford & Wrekin Council. If you are buying the house with the aid of a mortgage, the lender may have their own requirements for proceeding on such properties and it is worth noting that different lenders have different requirements and we are able to advise you on your chosen lender’s requirements. For example, a well-known lender such as Barclays requires to be advised of any contaminated land entries revealed in the local authority search. Our expert property solicitors are well-versed in dealing with these matters and can be proactive in referring these matters to lenders and requesting the seller’s solicitors take  appropriate measures to be put in place to assist the lender in proceeding to provide the loan.

As you may be aware, Telford is also home to the world heritage Ironbridge. Whilst Ironbridge is a beautiful place for a home, it also comes with its own risks, including the risk of flooding. If you are buying a house in Telford with a mortgage, then you should be aware of the lender’s requirements. It is worth mentioning that certain lenders will be hesitant to lend on property that has a high risk of flooding. However, our expert property solicitors are able to assist should any issues arise.

Our expert property solicitors can also assist with selling your house in Telford and Shropshire, having worked with and built a trustworthy repertoire with local estate agents and management companies. We are able to check whether relevant planning permissions, building regulations are in place and advise on search results due to the local issues in the area before exchange of contracts to give you a head-start in the process. If you have any questions regarding this article or require assistance with buying a property in Telford and Shropshire, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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