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If you are experiencing the unfortunate breakdown of your marriage, civil partnership or relationship, our specialist family law solicitors at ORJ are here to support and provide pro-active, pragmatic and sensitive legal advice upon your separation.

Every set of circumstances are unique and our family team at ORJ take the time to understand your needs before providing case specific advice tailored to you.

Following separation there are often a multitude of matters to be resolved and communication between you both may have become fraught or hostile, making resolving outstanding matters challenging.

Whatever the circumstances may be, ORJ are her to help advising and assisting on a range of issues, to include but not limited to:

  • Providing separation advice
  • Creating a separation agreement  
  • Navigating separation dispute
  • Divorce and matrimonial finances advice

In some circumstances it may be appropriate to consider a formal separation agreement. The agreement is a formal document that, if ever disputed, shows to the Court a demonstration of the parties’ intentions at the time of separation.

When preparing a separation agreement, a set procedure must be followed. This is imperative to ensure the document carries sufficient weight to be given serious consideration by the Court.

A separation agreement is not legally binding. This means that the Court is not obliged to follow its terms. It is therefore important to be aware that separation, no matter the length of time, for married couples or civil partners does not end the financial obligations of either party. You can read more on financial obligations here.

If you feel a separation agreement may be right for you do not hesitate to contact us.

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