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What Rights Do I Have As A Grandparent?

Getting Permission From The Court

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Our Family Solicitors at ORJ can advise you on your rights as a grandparent and in the first instance, will try to assist you in reaching an amicable agreement with all parties concerned.

As a grandparent, unless your grandchild/ren has been living with you for a period of three years or within five years prior to making an application you will not be automatically entitled to make an application to the Court.

It will be necessary to obtain permission from the Court before bringing this application. In such circumstances, the Court is required to consider the following factors:

  • The nature of the application you propose to make
  • Your connection with the child
  • Whether there is any risk the application proposed might disrupt the child’s life to such an extent they might be harmed by it
  • And where the child/ren are in the care of a Local Authority, consideration will be given to the authority’s plans for the child/ren and the wishes and feelings of the parents

It is important that before you consider making an application to the Court you seek case specific legal advice. All cases are different and therefore, the generic advice provided online is not tailored to your case.

Seeking legal advice at the outset of the issue ensures you are aware in detail on the process, procedures, and legal requirements together with an indication on the likely prospects of success based on your unique set of circumstances.

If you are experiencing any difficulties with contact with your grandchild/ren, the Family Team at ORJ offer sensible, tailored and professional advice to support and assist you in pursuing your right to see your grandchild/ren.

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