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ORJ help Apprentice Provider defeat the ESFA and recover £60,000 in costs

ORJ have assisted an Apprentice Provider to defeat the Education Skills Funding Agency (EFSA)

The Apprentice Provider was sent invoices by ESFA for over £800,000, but it argued that the invoices were raised following inappropriate audits, including audits where the apprentice provider was not consulted. The provider also claimed that ESFA’s standard Levy and Non-Levy contracts contained unenforceable penalty clauses and that in any event, ESFA had suffered no loss from the breaches it alleged.

HHJ Cooke agreed that the matters raised gave rise to genuinely triable issues and ordered ESFA to pay £60,000 in costs. This decision may have very wide implications in the training sector and the treatment of Apprentice Providers by the Secretary of State for Education and his agents at the ESFA.

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