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Paying for divorce

It is fair to say divorce (and relationship breakdown for unmarried couples) is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life.

My clients often tell me that what compounds stress levels is when essential legal advice seems unaffordable. Understandably, both parties want to preserve or secure what they each perceive to be their rightful share. It is, after all, only a proper financial settlement that will help launch my clients into the next phase of their life by securing housing and capital, pension provision and maybe even maintenance for themselves or the children.

A proper settlement is critical and can make the difference between having really good prospects or just getting by.

Agreements, whether financial or in respect of children, are best achieved when both parties have access to professional legal advice; yet solicitors are often the last thing people feel they can afford in the chaos of divorce.

In 2010, the Government abolished general access to legal aid for family and divorce work (although it remains in some exceptional circumstances). Nowadays, almost all family legal work is carried out on a private basis which can lead to real hardship for some individuals who lack the immediate resources to pay for a solicitor. It can seem really unfair too, as many people do have assets, usually a family home or pension, but they are for the time being unrealisable. Often, one party is the financial controller leaving the other party in the dark about their true financial status.

Sometimes there is simply no cash to lay hands on.

Standard bank loans can be unattractive, unavailable or unaffordable due to their higher repayments and clients are concerned that further debt may affect their ability to rehouse/re-mortgage later on.

At ORJ , we are delighted to be able to offer access to the UK’s two leading suppliers of matrimonial funding for family legal advice.

We have partnered with Iceberg Client Credit and Novitas Loans , both leaders in their field; each offering slightly different loan products depending on client needs. In a nutshell, family law funding provides clients with a credit facility to be drawn down against legal bills. Unlike high street loans, clients are not required to repay the capital element of the loan until the very end of their case, after they receive their settlement or where an asset (usually a property) is sold and the net sale proceeds divided.

In the case of a property sale, time is even allowed for the property to be marketed and a buyer found. All the client is required to do is pay the interest on the drawn down amount. In the case of Iceberg Client Credit, there are no credit checks; only our recommendation based upon your circumstances.

If you think litigation funding may help with your family legal problem or for more information about Iceberg and Novitas and other flexible ways ORJ can help you fund your family dispute, please contact us on 01785 223440